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About Us

Coovaeco Incoming Tour

We have a team of highly experienced and highly trained professionals in setting up tourist programs.

We develop modules that allow you to combine them in order to know the main attractions of our country in a unique trip with a great variety of landscapes and experiences.

Coovaeco Turismo

Coovaeco Turismo, Cooperativa de Provision de Servicios Turísticos, was founded on January 30, 1944. With more than 76 years of experience and permanence in the market, we have a vast knowledge of the world and a great vocation for service.

With a presence throughout the country, through our own offices, cooperatives and insurance agents linked to the cooperative group, we know more closely the needs of our clients and attend to their requirements immediately.

Our Divisions

Training Travel Division

Cooperative Group

We belong to one of the largest economic groups in the country, made up of the Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas (ACA), La Segunda Coop. de Seguros Generales Ltda., Aca Salud and Fundación Nodos.